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is an awesome classic look a like game where you control giant colorful ball. Which adapts his own color from objects which it touches. Control this awesome ball and don't let it down. There are many lelvels in this game, but they are colorful and truly good to play. Try it here for free! Have fun.

Controls of the Game

Arrows or WASD - moving

P - pause

M - Mute.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Know where to use Double Jumps

Watchout for sudden color change levels.

Different color may effect ball

Practice makes it perfect

game review

Skytrip is truly definition of a good game. Where you need to test your ability to control round objects, such as this ball. Game was really fun overall, a bit crazy with all this colors and having super fun. So, don't hesitate and try this game for FREE at our website! Good luck adventurer!