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Running Fred

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The eternally unlucky Running Fred has found himself cursed to die at the hands of the Grim Reaper and to top things off, in his rush to escape, he has plunged in to a trap-filled dungeon that is no less dangerous. Thankfully you can take control of Fred and help him to avoid these traps by tilting away from them, hopefully collecting as many coins as you can on the way.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

These coins serve a double purpose of not only helping to upgrade Fred, providing him with a new set of tricks ranging from double jumps; chicken flaps (think ancillary jumps with less height); wall-running/jumping; and a few extra lives when all else fails.

Controls of the Game

Move around with [WASD] keys or [ARROW] keys.

game review

While it's hard not to feel as though you're still meant to pay-to-play Running Fred, the sheer amount of content, replayability and fun that comes from deftly avoiding trap after trap is phenomenal considering it's all for free. With more content already on its way, Running Fred is an easy must-have for those who need a real challenge because running in a straight line too pedestrian.